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Systems Analysis and Design

MadJ Innovations specialises in the analysis and design of modern complex systems, consisting of computers interfaced to the real world. The real world introduces significant challenges to computer systems, by supplying them with measurements or observations that are subject to random noise. In addition, the engineering of complex systems presents particular challenges - complex systems are usually distributed, with race conditions, resource deadlocks, non-determinism, difficult debugging and associated problems. MadJ Innovations has considerable experience with design, development and debugging of large-scale complex systems.

See our complex systems page for more information and you might like to look at our projects page.

Software Design and Development

MadJ Innovations has decades of experience in software design and development. MadJ Innovations specialises in the design and development of large-scale complex systems, using modern technologies and methods, such as FPGAs, DSPs, agile development, service oriented architectures and distributed systems.

See our software development page for more information and you might like to look at our projects page.

Hardware Design and Development

MadJ Innovations offers hardware design and development services, with cost-effective, high speed project development offered with local prototyping and offshore mass-production. MadJ Innovations has a pool of hardware design engineers available to rapidly develop any new project.

See our hardware page for more information or our projects page.

Data Recovery

MadJ Innovations specialises in fast, discrete data recovery from all manner of Linux filesystem types. We have successfully recovered data for a number of clients, with almost a million files and over 1TB of data recovered. We have a large storage system which allows us to make a safe backup image of the data before making any changes. We also have experience in developing scripts to automate arduous parts of the recovery process, minimising the downtime to your business.

We also offer a data security review to ensure that your current systems and practices are sufficient to prevent catastrophic data loss.

For more information, contact us at info@madjinnovations.com