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No Problem Too Hard!

MadJ Innovations is a Canberra-based consulting company. We specialise in tackling hard problems that require the application of exceptional analytical skills and rely on a wealth of experience.

We work in a wide variety of industries across a wide range of problem domains:

Complex Systems

We specialise in complex systems analysis and development. Dr David Austin has spent decades developing some of the most complex systems - robots. Robots encapsulate all aspects of a modern autonomous system - hardware, software and complex algorithms. David has also worked extensively on the whole range of complex systems, from large-scale, million lines of code software programs, to very constrained embedded hardware devices and to hard real-time systems. Dr David Austin excels in rapidly learning the architecture of complex systems and being able to quickly offer fixes to problems and suggestions for improvement. See our complex systems page for more information.

New Technology Research and Development

MadJ Innovations offers consultancy services to undertake research and development projects as well as conducting in-house research and development. Dr David Austin has a PhD in robotics as well as bachelors degrees in both Interdisciplinary Engineering and Computer Science. His areas of expertise are software and hardware engineering, complex systems and reasoning under uncertainty. Dealing with uncertainty is a massive problem for today's complex systems, arguably the most important problem. David has a wealth of experience in mapping his strong academic background in statistics to developing real-world solutions for difficult uncertain reasoning problems. See our projects page for details of our recent and current projects.

Hardware and Software Development

Dr David Austin has almost three decades' of software development experience, including difficult areas such as hard real-time systems, distributed and massively scalable systems, embedded systems and advanced research and numerical algorithms. See our software development page for more details.

Hardware development is also a company strength. Dr David Austin has over 25 years' hardware development experience, mostly in embedded systems and system automation. We offer local design and prototyping services and can interface to offshore manufacturers for volume production. See our hardware development page for more information.

Organisational Development

MadJ Innovations Pty Ltd works with your business, designing custom organisational development solutions that have substance and endurance to improve the performance of your organisation.

MadJ Innovations is results focused. We work with you, understanding business, industry and competitive information to ensure that the best organisation development initiatives are implemented to enact the right change.

Our aim is to work with you, implementing within your business new methods, processes and behaviours, creating a platform for growth.

  • Change Management
  • Cultural Development/Values Alignment
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Performance Management