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Dr David Austin - Director

Dr David Austin is a highly experienced researcher and engineer, with an outstanding background in systems analysis and design, computer programming, and hardware design and development. David has exceptional analytical and problem solving skills, along with the ability to rapidly come to grips with a problem and to suggest solutions. He has over 25 years' experience in software engineering and over 20 years' experience in hardware design and development, both in an academic, research setting and, more recently, through involvement with a number of technology startups.

David Austin has a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and a PhD (Robotics). He is a member of IEEE since 1991. David has received numerous awards and scholarships. As an academic, he was awarded over $1 million in research grants from Australian and overseas sources.

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Dr Michelle Austin - Director

Dr Michelle Austin has over ten years' experience in sport psychology, particularly with team sports. She excels at all aspects of improving team performance, from techniques for better communication, to dispute resolution, and to team-building methods.

Michelle has transferred this experience from the elite sports arena to everyday business and now focusses on building successful business teams.

Michelle has exceptional interpersonal communications skills and is an excellent presenter.

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