CAPTCHA tests (images with distorted letters that web sites use to check that you are human) have had their day. Automated attacks are reaching the point where they are almost as good as humans. iTuring.com will provide a better system for validating that users are human. iTuring will offer a much wider range of tests, as well as better integration with client sites to significantly raise the bar on automated abuse of web sites. ituring.com website - under development


uber42.com will provide a Web 2.0 search portal, with features drawn from traditional search engines, wikis, facebook and sites like Slashdot and digg. The key realisation here is that the quality of results of traditional search engines has been in decline recently because of the actions of link spammers. All too often, one clicks on a search result to find that the destination page contains just ads and links - with no real content. Or worse still, the content has been blatantly ripped off from Wikipedia. uber42 will permit user voting on search results - and much more! uber42.com website


Systems exist to measure output power (and many other factors) for cyclists, at both the elite and amateur levels. The premier elite system is (currently) very expensive, costing about $4,000. This project aims to create a cheaper (and better) competitor. Strain gauges will be used to measure the forces that the cyclist applies to the pedals and, hence, provide useful measurements of output power and pedalling efficiency.


There is currently no system for indoor tracking of athlete movements on the playing field (e.g. basketball, netball, ice hockey). Outdoor, GPS-based solutions exist, but no good indoor system is available. MadJ Innovations is developing a low-cost indoor athlete tracking system.


This project is a simple USB to RS422 converter. It was developed for robotics, to interface to a commonly used SICK laser range scanner.