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A selection of our clients are listed here:

International GPS Company

MadJ Innovations came in late to a project to develop a custom embedded computer-based GPS product. David Austin was able to rapidly come up to speed and contribute strongly to the project. His experience in developing and debugging embedded systems was invaluable. MadJ Innovations contributed new software drivers for accessories and several critical bug-fixes. These bug-fixes included pin-pointing mysterious bootup hangs, a particularly difficult process on an embedded system with little debugging feedback.

"Without David Austin's involvement in the project we would not have been successful."
"Thanks again for your contributions toward such a tight deadline."

Canberra-based Sensing Company

MadJ Innovations developed embedded software for radio location system under contract. Rapidly (within two weeks) developed a novel messaging system between new base and tag software. Designed the protocol for communications, with relation to client requirements and implemented, tested and debugged.

Sydney-based Audio Company

Designed extensions to existing architecture to cope with porting product from single content provider service to supporting multiple, slightly different content providers. Maximised re-use of existing design (and implementation) and proposed elegant extension of the previous API to support additional content providers. Reviewed content provider APIs to ensure compatibility. Fully documented design and design motivations.

Data recovery

MadJ Innovations has recovered data for a number of clients, including clients in the financial industry with money riding on the outcome,literally. Clients are particularly happy with the speed of response, as well as for recovering data. MadJ Innovations has developed the capability to rapidly deal with very large amounts of data, as well as the tools to automate aspects of the data recovery process. MadJ Innovations has also provided data security audits, covering backup processes and firewalls.

Hidden Markov Model

Developed a hidden Markov model (HMM) for detecting when existing computer vision algorithm had failed. As is often the case with theses types of artificial intelligence problems, collection of the training data was the most time-consuming exercise. Experience enabled MadJ Innovations to specify exactly the correct training data to collect first time around. The HMM was successfully developed and trained, inside of the allocated time and delivered better than the required accuracy.